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A Chalk Board

It's been forever,
But for a good reason!
Kevin and I are expecting our first baby July 29th.

With this being a VERY new experience for me,
I really wanted to find a cute way to document my growing belly.
Without fail I turned to Pinterest,
and saw this idea that I imediately loved:

So yesterday I set about to making my own chalkboard.


I grabbed a good-looking peice of 1/4" plywood from my "stash",
went to BMC to have it cut in half {man i wish i had a table saw!},
sanded it,
and started painting.


The Krylon Chalkboard paint is just from Walmart for like $3.39.
And as you can see I have our little heater outside as well.
It's January and in Rexburg that means it's COLD.
The ideal temp. conditions for the spray paint is 50-85 degrees.
It was 30.
Thus the heater - and it worked amazingly.
It said it only needs two coats,
but me being the paranoid person I am did probably 5.
For good measure.
And because the wood was so thin I knew a nail wasn't going to go threw it,
so I super-glued the bracket on instead.

Works like a charm.
Here's the finished result:


I love it!
Now I just need to make a cute frame for it....

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