A Chalk Board

It's been forever,
But for a good reason!
Kevin and I are expecting our first baby July 29th.

With this being a VERY new experience for me,
I really wanted to find a cute way to document my growing belly.
Without fail I turned to Pinterest,
and saw this idea that I imediately loved:

So yesterday I set about to making my own chalkboard.


I grabbed a good-looking peice of 1/4" plywood from my "stash",
went to BMC to have it cut in half {man i wish i had a table saw!},
sanded it,
and started painting.


The Krylon Chalkboard paint is just from Walmart for like $3.39.
And as you can see I have our little heater outside as well.
It's January and in Rexburg that means it's COLD.
The ideal temp. conditions for the spray paint is 50-85 degrees.
It was 30.
Thus the heater - and it worked amazingly.
It said it only needs two coats,
but me being the paranoid person I am did probably 5.
For good measure.
And because the wood was so thin I knew a nail wasn't going to go threw it,
so I super-glued the bracket on instead.

Works like a charm.
Here's the finished result:


I love it!
Now I just need to make a cute frame for it....

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  1. OKay so I am curious how you got your 3 column layout to give you so much space? I just changed mine and it seems soo cramped. It looks to me like your outer columns are pushed all the way to the edge and mine looks more like they are centered. Any ideas on how I can fix that?


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