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2019 Fall Wallpaper Collection

For some reason I love to design fall things. Maybe because it's my favorite time of the year? It's nearing the holidays? Whatever the reason, I can look back through my old posts and see that there is definitely a spike in my posts around this time of year. Not a bad thing right?!

With these, I started out just wanting to get my creative juices flowing and get back into designing. I've been taking a little break with my family's big move, and I put drawing and painting on the back burner the last few months. The other week I was trying to pinpoint why I was so frustrated and sad, and i figured out that it was because I haven't done anything creative lately. For myself! So I sat down and started working and playing with these. Man it was so relaxing and fun. I hope you enjoy them, and now you can have a new lock screen for the next little bit. I say lock-screen, and not home screen background, because I feel these prints are too busy for that...with all the little apps it's too much for me. hah! Maybe I should make some more muted solid wallpapers to match?

If you're feeling nice or want to remember these for later, go ahead and pin one of these images so you don't forget about them!

Click on any of the links below to download:

If you use any of these let me know! Tag me @missaudreysuedesigns or use the hashtag: #missaudreysue

I totally love seeing my work being used to make you happy. It's the little things you guys *hugs!*

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