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12 Days of Christ Printable

This business and hobby that I have, I try really hard to do when my kids are asleep at night or having quiet time during the day. About two years ago my husband quit his job and went back to school. Everything I do and the money I bring in from orders helps us. SO much. I'm always a mom first, but when my babies zonk out at night, I get to work at my little white desk in my little home. 

Recently I was called to be over the additional activities committee for my church. It's a calling that requires monthly+ planning meetings, for monthly activities for the women in my ward.  I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't stressed out of my mind over it. Trying to balance home life, watercolor orders, plus various other orders(custom bucket lists, invites, custom prints..etc) as well is a lot. Throw in trying to manage more quality time with my husband (super important!), and some girls nights(also important!), and I was feeling stressed to the max.

What's sad is that I was getting so stressed and annoyed at this new calling, that I even considered asking to be released. I feel bad even writing that. Maybe I should put a quick note here, that I get that there are times and circumstances where doing that would be okay. Each one is so unique and personal. For me, I didn't like my grumpy attitude I was developing for this calling and the responsibilities I was being given. I've have had "big hard" callings before! haha having a calling is not new to me by any means! Why was this one making me so frustrated?! 

The turning point for me, was when I was asked to hand deliver a bunch of extra invitations to some elderly ladies in my ward, who weren't able get out much or have access to the internet. For some reason I got so worked up and annoyed about it. I had already designed and printed out flyers for church. I had already posted about the activity to Facebook. I felt that hand-delivering these silly handouts was a waste of my time. Didn't people know I had 3 little kids who are torturous to take around to places like this? Not to mention numerous places? Ugh. I already drive back and forth as it is with kindergarten and preschool and dance and soccer. Why was I asked to do this EXTRA thing?!

Hahaha stay with me. Man I sounded so selfish and rude. And bratty. I was being a big 'ole selfish brat.

Well I decided to do what any reasonable woman my age would do. I called my mom. I remember hitting her name on my speed dial, and thinking: 'She's gonna understand. I'm going to tell her how I feel. She's gonna validate my opinions and thoughts about how stupid this is, and she'll agree and tell me I should go ask to be released with everything that is going on in my life right now.' The second she answered I spilled it all and then waited. She paused for a brief second and then began telling me about how she had had this exact same calling when she was my age. She told me how she had driven around with me and my two little brothers at the time, with no "Siri" or convenient "google maps"(the horror!)...I kept waiting patiently, listening to her story, and thinking: 'here is comes, this is where she tells me I'm right for being frustrated and annoyed'. but it never came....she went on to tell me how, after driving around for about a half hour (30 minutes with 3 whiny kids=feels like 3 hours. hah!) trying to find one house, dropping off the invite finally at a location she wasn't sure if it was correct or not, one of us kids piped up and said "mom! i'm not feeling too good. i think i'm gonna throw up!" Straight home she went. My mom then gently reminded me of the unseen spiritual blessings that we do get from Heavenly Father when we do our part (our calling). But not with bad attitudes. The blessings might not come in this life, but the point is: as we do our part here on earth with a happy attitude and outlook, we WILL be blessed. And I wholeheartedly believe that.

It almost felt like I had been slapped in the face (in a very good way + not really because my mom would never do that!). Here I was being a baby about all this "stuff" that I "had" to do. My mindset shifted. I didn't want this crappy attitude, and I certainly didn't want my Father in Heaven to see me acting like this. Also, the scripture that our whole activity was based on for that month "happened" to pop into my mind right at this moment of clarity. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." (Mosiah 2:17)

Did I walk around and hand deliver every one of those flyers? Yes I did. Was I able to speak to everyone I handed them out to? No. In fact, only one sweet old lady opened her door. Was she who I needed to see that day for those 3 minutes? Did she need to see me? I don't know, but what I do know is that I understood my attitude shift, and my testimony grew that day.

Now with that said, I am happy to share with you this 12 Days of Christ printable! I designed it for the women in our ward, to go along with an advent calendar we are making tomorrow night. If you start this tomorrow as well, you will end on the 24th (Christmas Eve is literally my favorite day of the year I think!eeeek!). 12 scriptures to read with your family each night +12 simple family activities to do as well.

Download your (4x6) print of the 12 Days of Christ HERE
Download your (4x6) print of Mosiah 2:17 HERE

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