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Prettiest Fall Favorites (+ How to Save an Image to your Instagram Collection or Board)

My heart kinda breaks inside a little bit for all you people who are still experiencing temperatures above 70 degrees. Yeah, I totally realize that might sound crazy, but I am a huge lover of fall and I feel bad for anyone who doesn't get to experience one. I'm from little 'ole Idaho, and I am completely content with our weather here, but I have also lived in the PNW, and been back east for family vacations. Now those are some wonderful Septembers and Octobers! 

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Do any of you save images from Instagram to your collections? If you haven't, you really should! It's the same concept as "pinning" an image to a board you create in Pinterest...it's just in Instagram. And it is SO helpful! I save all sorts of things that I find helpful to things inspiring to design ideas.

For those that didn't know about this trick, I'm going to try and show you below what I mean. Here's a shot of how you get to your own "saves" or boards or "collections"...it's that little banner icon on the far right of your top menu...above your Insta images:

And when you click on it, you are brought to this screen (see below). This is where you can see all your boards and look back at what you saved:

As you can see, I have a board for hair, for healthy food (that i'd like to try making), for workouts, for baby....you get it. Pretty handy huh? So now when you are scrolling through your feed, and see something that stands out to you, or that you would like to maybe look back at later, do this:

1. Once you come across an image you like, look below it and find the little banner icon (bottom right corner). 

2. Press your finger AND HOLD down (this is important, because if you don't, the image will get saved, but not to a specific board...and that can be REALLY hard to find later! Just trust me, I'm saving you some time. press + hold always!)

3. Once you hold down that banner icon for a second, a screen at the bottom of your device will pop up (see my screenshot above). This is where you can either (a) save it to an existing board you have already created (above you can see mine: "hair" "fall" "food health" "inspire"...and i can  scroll right to see more of my boards, so that's helpful!) or (b) you can create a brand new board by simply clicking the '+' icon.

Easy peasy!

So I have this board for fall, and I love staring at all these pretty things, and wanted you to stare at them too. hah! No, really. Don't white pumpkins, raw frames, burlap bows, and sans serif letters just make you feel all warm and happy inside?

T O P : letterboard | white pumpkins | farm fresh sign
M I D D L E : fall sign | leaves | bows
B O T T O M : white pumpkins | burlap bow | letterboard
I linked all these cute sources above so be sure to check out their feeds when you get the chance. So much lovely inspiration! Here's all the fall decor I have up. It's extremely simple but I like it:

full post on this new chalkboard i designed HERE
working on the tutorial for how i made this wreath!

letterboard from Retrogramboards
And if you haven't already, go head over here to grab some of these fun new wallpapers for you phone's lock or home screen!

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