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Autumn Themed Kitchen Chalkboard

I am feeling so happy to be back over here writing in Blogger. It's like a breath of fresh air and feels more like "me". Just simple. To those new around here, I switched to a self-hosted Wordpress account in 2015, and while I did understand it, and got the hang of it, and designed in it (for a hot second)...I always just kinda wanted to come back here. So I finally did it this weekend! I'm waiting for my domain to transfer, but I can't wait to share this fun autumn chalkboard with you so...

A few weekends ago my hubby went down to the BYU vs UT game (i'm a little jealous i didn't go too-he was invited to go with a friend tho!), and I don't know about you, but I go a little project "crazy" when Kevin is out of town. haha. Meaning: I got a lot of things done. This time I was able to get some fall projects done that had been sitting on the back-burner. My number one was changing out my kitchen chalkboard design.

I always pin a bunch of things to a board, and gather my ideas up. Then I start sketching. This season is the first that is my own design-and I am happy about that. I didn't feel the need to copy a piece because I thought it was cuter than what I could come up with myself :) So here's my sketch:

If you've been following me on Insta, then you already know I am SO PUMPED and ready for fall this year. And it is here for sure! Summer with babies/toddlers/kids is a blast, but this year I was itching for a change. So I say bring on the brisk weather, big sweaters, cute hats, and leggings 24/7 (because you know i'll be found in those on the daily with this growing pregnant body! hah! and for those that didn't know, yes I am pregnant again! you can read about this journey so far over HERE)! Have a great week you guys!

Here are some of my past chalkboards:
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