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Shop Update: Baseball Prints!

A new year has brought new goals and changes for me. lotsa evaluating what i want to be doing here online, and how i'd like to make a difference. one of my goals has been to grow my little Etsy shop. and since i have always loved writing/drawing and finding good quotes, i decided to create more art prints for you to enjoy in your own home...in your office, on your nightstand, or on your child's wall. i have plans for so many different categories! more motivational, fun, uplifting pieces....and today i am sharing the first set of my sports prints! baseball!

I started drawing these up when the husband and I went out of town for our Valentine getaway weekend. it actually worked out perfectly (roadtrip + having Kevin with me + no kids/distractions), because Kevin was able to help me with all the sports quotes and phrases i wanted. because if i'm being honest i am not the most sports-savvy girl out there. hah! i didn't really play any officially growing up (did gymnastics + dance), but i do love them more now. and i'm always down to go watch a sport live! that i will do!

Spring training is in full swing and the Major League Baseball season is set to start next month. so here are the first 12 baseball prints i created with that in mind, and also with your littles in mind. i would have loved to put these on Bronx's wall when we decorated his Yankee nursery room! the best part is that i still can put these on his wall because they'd look great in any little boy's room!





You can check them out HERE in the shop if you'd like to purchase!

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