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Happy Easter Coloring Pages and Printable Freebies

The other day we had some friends over. i guess i should clarify and say that my kids had some friends over (when was the last time my husband and i had friends over??....that answer is too sad to say!). i wanted to throw in a fun little Easter activity for them to all do. So i drew up some coloring pages, cut out a few pieces of colored construction paper, handed them glue sticks and crayons and away they went. it was perfect for a quiet time activity, and they loved being able to "decorate" their Easter egg.

today-er, i mean tonight (because it's actually 11:15pm right now...aka when i hussle to #tryandgetallthethingsdone !)- i want to share that print with you, along with another coloring page turned printable. below you can see the 3 different options i've given you to play with. i hope your littles enjoy them!

You can download all 4 freebies here:
note: the "Happy Easter" coloring page prints out at a standard printer paper size (8.5x11), and the other print/coloring page, "hip hop happy Easter" prints out at 8x10....just so you know!

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