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Thinking of You 5x7 printable card

Do you ever have those days where you just want to help everyone, and put a smile on everyone's face? Or you just seem to cry at anything and everything? No, i'm not pregnant, and i'm not talking about that (although i do know my hormones go a little whack when i am preggo. hah).

There are times like today where my heart feels full of love for those around me. three things have made me feel this way today:

1. I had to make an emergency visit to my local hospital this morning (nothing major-i'm totally fine), and in a somewhat un-ideal circumstance, i ended up feeling loved because of the awesome nurses and doctors i came in contact with. they totally brightened my day (A+ bedside manor for the win)! their attitudes seriously turned my day around.
2. I read this post. Jason was one of Kevin's best friends in high school, and has been such a positive influence in his life. Jason and Geri really are gems of gold.
3. I have a neighbor friend, whos newborn is in the hospital for rsv. and it breaks my heart.

File Jan 30, 11 29 50 AM

so during naptime this afternoon i drew this up and created a printable 5x7 card you can print out and take to a friend in need, or just someone you've been thinking about who needs some love!

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