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My Favorite Beanie For Winter


something that I am not? a hat person. but this last fall/winter i decided to change that. i think i have about 5 beanies stuffed into a box, that i've had from when i was 12. and i usually just wear them to play in the snow or go (the 3 times i've gone) snowboarding.

well i really really wanted a beanie to wear not just for snow, but during the i-don't-have-time-to-do-my-hair-today-but-we-need-to-run-errands days. so i jumped on Amazon and ordered a couple of the "CC" ones to try that i had been seeing around (found here). i'm sure you've seen them too. how could you not? they are like the "it" beanie right now. well those or the cute "Love Your Melon" ones. i like the looks of those a lot too.


TEE-Target || LEGGINGS-Jane(old) (similar here) || SHOES-Gordmans(old) || BEANIE-Amazon

here's a mom uniform i've been throwing on lately. The best part? I feel put together even though I've literally done zero with my hair. yessssssss. all thanks to the beanie. haha.

want to hear something nuts? when i ordered my first two beanies they were about $6. that was a week or two before Thanksgiving. and now you can't find them for under $9! just sayin. like anything i guess, stalk up on the off season.  here's my little collection as of late...


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