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Everyday Style - January

Okay so you might be thinking: What is she doing posting "fashion" pics on her blog?! Well, for one, it's my blog right? haha. And for two, I don't really consider these "fashion" posts because....that just sounds weird to me! I do however, really enjoy seeing outfits that others have styled -especially other moms on a budget (hello renter status + trying to pay off debt like mad + running around everyday after a 3 and 1 year old over here...raise your hands if you can relate!!)- and so i thought i'd give you an idea of what my everyday style is like around here.

Here are some of the outfits I've been wearing this winter:


SWEATER-Maurices(old)(similar here) || LEGGINGS-Jane(old) (similar here) || SHOES-Target(old)(similar here)

HOODIE-Forever21 || TANK-Rue21 || JEANS-Gordmans(similar here)
SWEATSHIRT-Walmart(old)(and yes, i said it. yes, i sometimes do buy clothes there. no shame) || TANK-Rue21 || LEGGINGS-BodyCentral
SWEATER-Target || SHEER TOP-The Jean Girl || LEGGINGS-Forever21 || BOOTS-Target(old)(similar here) || EARRINGS-N&S Charcoal shimmer meduim
SWEATER-ASOS(old)(used to be a maternity dress, recently cut it up and turned it into this!) || LEGGINGS-Forever21 || BOOTS-Walmart(yep. there i go again. don't judge)(similar here and here) || EARRINGS-N&S Signature Silver medium
DRESS-Forever21(i was sooo excited when i found this!) || SLIP EXTENDER-Downeastbasics || BOOTS-Target(similar here) || EARRINGS-N&S Charcoal shimmer meduim
SWEATER CARDIGAN-(old)(i'm sorry I can't even remember!!) || SHIRT-Gordmans || LEGGINGS-BodyCentral || BOOTS-Gordmans(old)
SHIRT-CharlotteRusse(new in stores! but i can't find it online yet! it is seriously the comfiest, and they have different colors) || JOGGERS-Ross (similar here)
Holy torture. I don't know how fashion bloggers do it. That took fooooreeeevvveeeerr to link what I wanted for you guys! haha you're welcome. Hmm. I think it's safe to say that I have a very casual/comfy vibe going on, on the daily...and yep I really do love my leggings. I also can't get enough of that burgundy color. Anyone with me?

If there's anything to take away from this post, I hope it's that you see I am as normal as can be, and shop at some pretty basic stores. Is that a bad thing? Um, heck no. I get what I like, and what I can afford at this time in my life.

Okay and hold up. If you haven't tried them for yourself already, go buy yourself some of these amazing Nickel & Suede earrings. They are the bomb. I can't tell you that enough! (and no that was not a paid review. i just really love these earrings, and love Kilee, and like supporting what she does!)

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