Winter Loving (for the home)

Have you ever been on your Pinterest home page, and clicked to view all of your "Likes" (in other words, pins you have just "hearted")? I always forget it's there, but I did it the other night and liked what I saw. So yeah, this post totally is happening because I did that. How's that for a well thought-out post?

I think one of the reasons I enjoy putting together these mood boards, is because I like to pretend I own/have made/have bought all the items on them for my own home. laugh all you want. but since we went from owning a large new home to renting a small place (hubs switched jobs), I have like, zero motivation all of a sudden to decorate. And that's saying something since I really love to decorate. It's so bad you guys! So anyways. Here's some little lovely holiday finds for you today:


stocking - it's burlap. enough said?....nope. it's neutral and i love that texture. i think someday in the near future i want to make a new set of stockings for my fam just like this. here is another cute set i'm swooning over.

deer - what is it with the deer heads?! they are so cool. don't ask me why. someday i will own a pretty deer head and place it on my wall for holidays. and just look at all these other awesome animals on their site! i mean, i thought deer were awesome, but now i definitely need a unicorn for Tinley's room.

wall art - i'm a sucker for great design and gold foil

potted Christmas tree - sooooo cute! i tried to convince the hubs to let us do one of these this year instead of a bigger tree, but he wasn't going to have it. go big or go home he says. also, please go take a look at Maria's instagram feed, and then i dare you to tell me that you don't want to pick up and move to North Cali to live on a horse ranch. for reals. her feed is a dream.

rosemary wreath - it's just so clean and fresh and green. i'm kinda obsessed with that lately. you've got to take a look at this one @lizybowden posted the other day!

gingerbread house - i am all for Christmas traditions. growing up, i loved going to Grandma's house to decorate gingerbread houses! some were elaborate and adorable and some were plain, but it was always so much fun. a house full of family and cousins and candy = awesome. i definitely want to make one within the next week or two!

• plaid bow - oh look, i just decided to make another holiday wallpaper for you! just click here, and then save!


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