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Mummy + Boo Nails

wanted my nails to feel a little more in the Halloween spirit this week, so here's what i put together. some nail decals cut with my Silhouette SD and they're lookin' better already.

go here to see last year's Halloween nails!

and here's the Silhouette file if you'd like to cut out your own:

A Spooktacular Halloween Treat

i honestly hadn't been planning any sort of holiday neighbor treat this Halloween. mostly because 1.we are trying to save save save and pay off dang debt, and 2.i haven't done really any sort of decorating for any holiday this year (a FIRST since i've been married!) buuuut then i happened to see these cute little mason jars at our local Dollar Tree and couldn't help but buy a few (they were totally calling out to me: "gift me! gift me!"). also, they came with the fun little chalkboard decal all ready to go. so......score. makes it that much easier to decorate.

m a k e  y o u r  o w n :
» pretzel rods 
» melting chocolate of your choice (i just used what i had on hand-normal chocolate and vanilla chips)
» sprinkles, food coloring....any cool candy decorations you can think of! (my sisters made these for their roomates and friends, and turned their pretzels into mummies! they turned out so cute!)
» jar (bought mine from the Dollar Tree!)
» chalk pen (if you plan on buying the same jars i did, and writing on them)
» decorative ribbon

Bronx helped me during Tinley's naptime and loved it. perfect and easy and quick!

Fall Nails + Leaf Silhouette File

fall has arrived and i'm busting out more of the neutrals. today i've gone with gold and white, while using a leaf decal i cut using my Silhouette, along with some nail tape.

here's the file to download, to create your own look: