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so over this fog, and my valentine mantle

i was done with the cold the day after Christmas. we don't have snow here, but it is still cold, and it is crazy foggy every morning and evening. and that brings us some overcast skies, aaaaannd i'm over it. i need the sun! the sunshine! the warmth! bring on the bike rides and walks and sprinklers...

okay am i jumping the gun? hah. maybe. part of the reason i'm getting more giddy by the day is that i know spring is around the corner, and putting up my Valentine's decor made me one happy camper. i did it all at the beginning of January. bahaha.

i used and re-strung part of the tassel banner from last year.

^^there's those fun Target mailboxes again! best $1 i've spent maybe ever?

this "love" sign was a fun little project, and those letters totally used to be bright red as of last year. i think i bought them at Michaels? i repainted them a dull yellow, then slapped some modge podge on them, and dumped some glitter all over. they are connected to the board by that sticky-double-sided-foam tape (hows that for a legit description?). this board was actually leftover from this project and i painted it white.

^^oh look! the DIY shelf i told you about! and lots of the same decor re-used from last year :)

so if you've been around for a long time, you might recognize that this used to be a mirror. i bought some chalkboard spray paint at Walmart, and went to town. oh, then i also bought a chalk pen (because WHY have i not been playing with one forever now??!!). over Christmas my sis-in-law had me decorate a chalkboard gift for one of my other sis-in-laws, and yeah, i was freaking out because of how smooth and legit the pen looked on the board. i've known they've been big for a while now, but i guess it just took me actually using one to see what i was missing!

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