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headbands galore: jersey knit and bow style

over the Christmas holiday i was itching for a project to do (crazy, right? i had about a thousand other "projects" i really needed to be working on...but anyways..), and happened to be at Hobby Lobby one day, when i saw an ah-MAZ-ing sale on their ribbon. so naturally, i selected a few cute designs, and made my way over to the fabric section. the urge to make little miss Tinley some new headbands had kicked in and i was on the hunt for some fun patterns!

these were so simple. i cut the elastic to the length i wanted, sewed the ends together, then cut the fabric up, sewed it to make the bow (or hot-glued it to make the rose/flower...i have a reeeaaally old post about fabric flowers here if you want to take a look!), and hot-glued it to the elastic ribbon, right above where i had originally sewn the headband part together.

i'm sure you've all seen those stinking cute jersey knit baby headbands floating around on Pinterest and Etsy. i've been wanting to get some for Tinley, and when i was looking at fabric for bows, i grabbed some stretchy kind (it wasn't jersey knit-but close...sorry i can't remember what it was exactly! i just felt around for what had some pull/give to it) so i could make some of that type for her as well. i followed these easy instructions here. the teal/aqua fabric seen above was actually an old shirt of Kevin's that i cut up (haha, win!). these were so fun and fast to make, i was able to crank out a few more to gift to some friends and cousin who were having baby girls!

^^and here's little miss Tinley, rocking one of her new headbands :)

*more cute jersey headbands here, here, and you'll die over how cute these headbands are here!!

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