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nail art: white + gold + black triangles

i know. i am the worst blogger ever. and i have no excuse for not writing EXCEPT that i have been wanting to spend every second with my babes and hubby lately. it's this holiday mood i tell ya (or in my case, this spring/summer/fall mood.ha). i just LOVE THEM and know that these early years are so important and impressionable on them, and the last thing i want is for them to remember me as a mom sitting on her computer all day. no thank you. that being said, i do, however, have a billion draft posts in the works, and hope to sit down one of these nights finish them. and create more freebies! you guys. i also have a list a mile long (okay i lie-i have a cute pink polka-dot mini notepad) of ideas i want to make and share! oh! and i diiiid just release a new template in my shop last week, so head over here to see it (more about that later)!

on to the good stuff. these nails were a happy accident. i usually have a pretty clear idea of what i want on my nails when i sit down at night to do them, but this time i just started grabbing polish and...! 

i'm really digging the triangle prints right now, and am glad they ended up on my pinkys! i tried making a stencil with my silhouette for this, and then layed it over the white, and painted the triangles black. it kind of backfired. i had to do it twice on one side because the vinyl was too sticky and pulled up my coat of white! so not the greatest idea. next time i will either use a tiny brush or simply cut small black triangles out of black vinyl (the latter sounds easier so...), and the white triangle/arrow on my middle finger is just white vinyl i cut with my Silhouette. Here are the colors:

• new york color: extra shiny top coat, 271
• new york color: french white tip, 134
orly: (#LAB4402 <<sorry i can't find a name on my bottle!)
• orly: goth, 40637 

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