premade template: the sofia

so excited to be sharing a new design with you today! this one stemmed from my love for photography, and seeing pretty images arranged in a row. thus, this grid layout was necessary! loving it lots right now, and of course i hope you do too! 

take a better look at it live here, and view all the details: click here
and if you're looking to purchase, go to the shop here: click here

*view more of my premade templates here


  1. Audrey this is adorable! I just checked out your other templates too and I'm in love with the 'sketchbook' one. What a great talent you have! Adorable. If I bring myself to start writing regularly on my blog again I might have to contact you :)

  2. GOSH YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! TEach me your ways! This is beyond perfect! Love this color scheme!


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