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why i am stopping custom designs

"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things:"

like how i have decided to stop doing custom blog designs indefinitely.

I have been DREADING everything about this post: writing it, publishing it, what you awesome readers will think about my decision...for those close friends and family that read my personal family blog, you've basically heard this spill when i mentioned it a little while ago. i apologize for the repeat, but it's only fair that all you lovely readers over here aren't kept in the dark!

I LOVE doing custom designs. love love love it. I love the new friendships i have formed, all the insane coding techniques i've been able to master, and of course I love the money, but the time and energy that it sucks out of me is not worth it.

At least not right now.

Right now my main priority should be mommy NOT blog-designer....sigh...if only I could be Wonder Woman and somehow balance it all...but i can't. I decided to make it final after talking to Kevin about it, and of course I knew he wanted me too (we've talked about it before). I guess I just needed him to tell me again.
The other evening he randomly said:

"Babe, I think you should stop doing custom blogs."

And that was that.
I knew it...he knew it...I wasn't being the mom that I wanted to be to Bronx, and I just wasn't doing the other things that I love doing. Like reading or crafting or just plain getting off of the freaking computer. Reading emails, answering emails, designing, redesigning, installing...I seriously don't know how these business/blogging mommy's do it.

Howeeeeever, that being said, I will continue to keep up my Etsy shop (yaaaay!).
And that's because:
1. I can design premade Blogger templates on my own time (aka when Kevin plays Xbox with his buddies/after the babies are in bed!)
2. this way i am not rushed to fill a custom design order during the day/using up precious time with Bronx and now Tinley
3. i still love designing blogs and playing around with HTML coding!

To all you awesome peeps that have let me design for you: THANK YOU!! I have truly loved getting to know you and help freshen up your online space!!

*you can view my premade templates HERE in my Etsy shop, or HERE on my design site


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