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spring fashion: gold + navy

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i don't know what it is about clothes right now, but i am loving everything i see! especially anything that has to do with navy and gold. maybe it's because i am excited to have this baby and get back into my pre-preggo clothes?? anyways, pretty sure i want to purchase everything in this set...except the cell phone case. don't get me wrong, it's freaking adorable (and i'm slightly obsessed with anchors and polka dots right now too...), but i can't get myself to spend $37 for a cell phone case. more importantly my hubby would flip. and i am like, what? the queen of cell phone cases? haha. but maaaybe this would make a good DIY case cover? i'm thinking definitely yes. so, stay tuned for that!

*what are your favorite color combos right now?

*is there one accessory that you are "addicted" to more than another? i'm like addicted to them all. ha! but i do reeeeaaally love me some earrings or a cute watch right now!


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