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nail art: polka dots + coral + glitter

i was scrolling through Pinterest the other afternoon when i saw these nails, and immediately had to copy them. they were just too fantastic in my opinion, and shouted "S P R I N G!" and "cuuuuuute!" and the polka dots said: "fun!". so whilst the hubby went to play ball at the church, Bronx went to bed, and i turned on my recording of American Idol, i painted (ps: i painted my toes too. and that is NOT an easy task to do at 9 months! haha).

the colors:

• nail color(forever21), peachy cheeks
• new york color/long wearing nail enamel, extra shiny top coat (#271)
• pure ice, beware
• china glaze, for audrey <<yes i do love that name :)

so there are these cool "professional" dotting tools that i've heard about people using, but never tried. a few weeks back i ordered me some on Amazon (see here), so luckily i had them already on hand to try for these polka dots. since it was my first time using one, the dots didn't turn out quite how i wanted them to (the original puts mine to shame), but hopefully i'll get better...there's always next time, right?

*have you ever tried painting your toes at 9 months pregnant?

*have you ever used one of these dotting tools? did you like it? eh? any tips you've figured out with it?

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