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currently loving

hey heeeeyyy! it's Friday and one of Kevin's sister's (he has 8!) is in town visiting us. yaaaay for visitors! here are a few more things i've been loving lately:

1 ▲ hangin' out with this little dude all day (no, i'm not crying - the light was just suuuper bright/in my face when i took this pic).

2 ▲ successfully making rice crispy treats. i butched the recipe last week (i know, they are like what? THEE easiest recipe ever?), because i used old/hard marshmallows and over boiled/melted them. tip for future-rice-crispy-makers? don't boil your mallows! they were rock solid. anyways, last night's round #2 went much smoother. fresh mallows + 1/2 cup butter + 6 cups rice crispies = gooey deliciousness!

3 ▲ this video of Bronx, showing us what my tummy looks like. no we did not teach him that (and i'm totally serious)! the noises are also all his own :)

4 ▲ speaking of, this is what my belly currently looks like. and why yes, i sure do live in leggings and big shirts like this (uh, i may have 3 or 4 different colors because i love this top so much...).

5 ▲ my new earrings via One Little Belt. ^^see me wearing them in that last pic??^^ besides being so cute, they are so lightweight! i love me some big earrings, but usually they tend to be heavier, which means i end up taking them off in the afternoon. but these babies stay on all day without bugging me at all - i loooove that!

6 ▲ this scripture. just a good reminder that i need to find a little more: faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, brotherly kindness, godliness, charily, humility, diligence.

7 ▲ Bronx's window toys. legos and army men. too stinkin' cute.

8 ▲ morning walks. this awesome bike/jog/walk path was just built behind our house, and we (okay, I)  think it's the greatest thing ever.

9 ▲ this pic i saw on my FB feed last week. agreed?

10 ▲ my child eats dog food. i wouldn't really call this a "currently loving" list item, but as i was scrolling through my pics, this one popped up, and i thought it'd be nice to show you a glimpse of what happens at our house sometimes. sometimes as in: whenever i forget to put up the baby gate that blocks off the kitchen...and dog food. yuck. i don't know why he likes it, but he always goes back for more!

11 ▲ this font i just got. asterism. download HERE.

*what are you currently loving?

*any weekend plans?


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