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showing off: 3 new designs

well December flew by, huh?!

our little family had SUCH a fun holiday week, and i am still drinking candy cane hot cocoa each night after i put Bronx in bed. i'm trying to hold onto every last bit of that magical/cozy "holiday" feeling i can! that being said, i did pack up alllllll of my Christmas decor Saturday afternoon, and holy mother it was a process. partly because i did it with B awake (my bad. i didn't realize he'd want to snatch and run off with every.single.thing. within reach! haha), and partly because i decided to reorganize ALL my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor as well. plus do some serious deep cleaning (3 bathrooms/toilets anyone?) I think I had a perma braxton-hick(s)? going on because of all the bending and kneeling and standing i did. it was super. but literally, i'm so happy it's done and i can focus on other projects now!

and here are some of those "other projects"/blog designs i finished before the break:

1 | 2 | 3

all beautiful and different designs, and all wonderful women to work with! I was excited about Danielle's design because it's light and playful and a photography blog...and i LOVE me a good photography blog. I loved working on Sheena's design because of the patterns and colors she chose (after my own heart). Jenny approached me with some custom design questions for her Wordpress blog, and we pulled elements from one of my premade templates, and added some new ones as well. the best part was that she was kind enough to let me onto her site to look at the coding and figure some stuff out (dang you WordPress for being so tricky!)!

i honestly hope your holidays have been magical, and here's to making it a great week! bring on 2014!

*what was your favorite part(s) about Christmas? mine = that Bronx was old enough to kind of get what was going on, see his face go "ooo!" as he came down the stairs, and help us open presents! 

*are you looking for a new blog design? if so, click >>HERE<< to see my premade templates in the shop, or go >>HERE<< to find out more on my custom designs! :)

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