christmas card templates

since being married, i have never - with the exception of last year - been good about getting out a family Christmas card to friends and family. sure i've wanted too, but honestly? i was lazy. i would put it off until finally it was too late. please tell me you are like this too? i'm not the only one? well, over the past month i've had a few different people ask me if i made Christmas card templates. i haven't by golly i decided i better make some, and i placed them in the shop over the weekend! take a peek:

and there are more! so head on over >>HERE!<< if you need a holiday card to match that cute family picture of yours. i really hope you find one you love!

and once again, all beautiful photography images taken by SimplySuzyPhotography << you best be lookin' her up if you live around the SLC, UT area!

*are you good or bad about sending out greeting cards? me=bad. definitely bad. however, i LOVE receiving them, and reading them, and looking at the pictures!

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  1. Well those are just adorable. If I didn't make my own every year I would probably be tempted to just use your template. Christmas cards are great - I love getting the letters keeping me updated on all my friends who have moved far away. { Raspy Wit }


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