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two books:a witchy wife and fablehaven

for Christmas this year, my parents surprised me with two books. well, really a book and a book series. i opened this one first:
 photo witchywife_zps7c6d9ca1.jpg

and thought oh boy. mom and dad...are you trying to tell me something?

ha ha. i am actually on the last chapter of this one. i began reading it in January, and stopped all of a sudden to work on other projects. it constantly sits on my counter and isn't even long, so i don't know why i haven't finished it. it's one that i think all women-married or not-should read. just to get a feel for motherhood and life. Linda(the author) gives so many hilarious laugh-so-hard-tears-come examples and that's what i love the best. there have been numerous times that i would sneak off to bed just to read one more chapter, and the hubs would pop his head in when he heard me laughing uncontrollably. but examples i can relate to or not...this is a great read!

the series they got me is Fablehaven.

ever heard of it? i feel like my family has owned this book series forever, and they always told me it was a good one, but i never picked it up. for some reason i always thought it was about a gerbil or something...? yeah, i don't even know(it's not, ps). i finally pulled the first book(there are five in this series) down from the shelf Sunday afternoon, and bam. read. i can guarantee book two will be finished today. it's fantasy, if you hadn't gathered from the cover :) and just the fun read i have been needing lately.

*have you read either of these books?

*what are you reading right now? (i always love hearing about new good books to read!)


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