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addicted to Polyvore dangit

oh my gosh you guys. why are there so many apps out there that are sooooo addicting?!

i downloaded Polyvore last week to finally try it out, and now....i'm hooked.

if you haven't heard of Polyvore...it's like a "Pinterest" of sorts-but for clothes/accessories only. you design outfit sets. it's addicting and fun. yep, just like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and now Vine. dang. there are way too many to keep track of. (which is actually why i never use my Twitter or Instagram account...and i have purposely not downloaded Vine. too many. sorta like social-networking overload. bleh.)

back to Polyvore. you don't even have to create sets if you don't want to. you can simply search for clothes. this was actually the reason i checked it out in the first place. all these cute clothes i was finding on Pinterest, were always leading me back to Polyvore, and then on to the original site. and that's the other cool thing i was going to tell you-that there are links back to each clothing item's original store. super handy.

something else awesome? if you do decide to play around with outfit ideas, it allows you to put a price cap on your items. i love this because i know i rarely buy any clothing item that is over $50 (jeans are the only thing i'll fork out more $$ for). call me cheap. i call it practical :)

here are the other sets i've created:     photo outfits_zps2ee50b1d.jpg

(just click the pic to go to the site to see deets)

i've been playing around on it if B falls asleep on my lap, or if the hubs and i are watching "The Walking Dead". (haha i have to have something to distract me from those freaky zombie faces!)

*do you have a Polyvore account? (if so, let me know your username so i can see your outfit pics!)
yes. mine=missaudreysue

*what do you think of all the different social networking sites? (i'm serious. i'd love to hear)
ha. you heard my watered-down opinion back up there ^ ^

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