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february nails: argyle

i decided last minute(meaning right before bed) Saturday night that i wanted to do my nails with an argyle look. so i ended up rushing them=not the best. buuuuut i decided to share anyways. and that decision may or may not have to do with a compliment given from a Victoria Secret sales associate about them. ha. maybe it was the pink?


the good thing about the polishes that i used(ha-all different brands..) is that they dried pretty quick, which was nice, considering i was really tired at the time.


 i actually got too tired to finish my left hand, so i finished taping the next day. see:


and the finished result:


sorry about the hangnails. bleh. they're not perfect because i was impatient, again. one of these times i'll learn to do a coat a day or something. ha ha. also, as soon as i finished them, i wished i had done red and black, because i decided to wear my red skinnys :) i'm already thinking of ideas for V-day.

*are you're nails painted right now? what color?

*is anyone else a night owl?!
i didn't used to be, but the hubby has turned me into one!


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