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sunshine makes everything better

the grey and dreariness of Oregon has been wearing on me lately. i totally hate it, and it's on days like this that i want my blue skies and mountains back. buuuuut, because i know i can't let that(the grey and rain and "blah"ness) keep me inside all day, i have been forcing myself to run outside.


(what's cool about this pic? i didn't even know i had taken it until i was scrolling through my phone pics later in the week)

and this is what it has looked like outside recently...

lots of frost. and there's that white/grey/bleak sky. boo. i guess i should really be a lot more positive, and thankful that we arn't getting dumped on like our Idaho and Utah peeps. ha ha, oh why does that grass always seem greener on the other side? :)

however, TODAY the sun is shining! and i happily got B ready for a run. for your viewing pleasure:


it makes me so happy and all i was thinking while running was: it's blue. it's BLUE. IT'S BLUE!! and i wanted to start doing karwheels down the road. i freaking love me some good strong sunshine!

*how is your sky looking today?

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