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Christmas Vinyl

So there's this spot above my sink that has been in desperate need of some lovin', and I finally got around to it the other day. I liked this craft because it was super fast, yet looks super cute. I already had the red wreath, but it looked lonely and too small to stay there by itself. When this little phrase popped into my head I knew exactly what to do with it!

Here's how:
I wanted a classy font and a fun font. I chose Lucidia Handwriting for "'tis the season", Century Gothic for "to be", and LDJ Kris Kringle  for "Jolly".


Because the Lucidia Handwriting font is "cursif-ey" (i know, not a word..) the letters touched and there was overlapping that was going to occur, which meant that cutting into letters, where letters weren't supposed to be cut was going to happen. I fixed that easily by tracing the whole phrase. See how it's blacked out up there along the right side? Doing this also made it WAY easier for me to put it on the wall (phrase vs individual letters). Here's where I got stupid-HA-and I'm pretty embarrassed about it: I wanted to still have the letters with "spaces" (the s,e,a,o) be cut out, but I didn't know how. So I just typed up those letters (underneath the blackout phrase) thinking that I would just take out that letter and use it for the above....have I lost you? Ha ha. I know. I'm ridiculous. Anyways, in the end I bagged that complicated idea and just stayed with the blacked out (traced) phrase. I added the "to be" phrase on there and cut my vinyl(i got mine at Walmart forever ago, $9-there are way better deals on Amazon for packs if you're wanting to try out a bunch of different colors).


Then I just added the "Jolly" to the same paper, deleted the other phrases, and cut. I know that it'll have to come down after the holiday, but for now it's a great little touch to that little kitchen of ours!

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