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a seasonal change

A week or so ago I pulled out my fall decorations. I kept it pretty simple this year:


I made this printable last year-it's the first one I've ever made!


This is definitely my favorite season for so many reasons. All of which you've probably heard and read about on a zillion other blogs. The colors. The sweaters. The refreshing breezes. I love it all.

simply cut

I really need to get my creativity juices flowing again. I have a couple sisters-in-law that are SO creative when it comes to cardmaking, and I want to be good at it too, so I decided to start there. I've been trying to whip out 1 or 2 cards during naptime or while B is happy. Just super simple and clean designs using my Silhouette and Sizzix texture machine.

font=Sybil Green; font=Blackout

font= Sybil Green ;elephhant shape=Pun Intended{LD:graphic set}

font =pass the chex


What I really need to do is figure out a better way to store all my scraps of paper. Looks like that will be a good project for me this week.


Here's another project on my to-do list. My sister-in-law Kerr {one of the super talented in the card-decorating biz} sent me this picture text the other day. How cute is that wreath? I want one bad. She said that the burlap was really messy, but it turned out adorable, so who cares right?!

washi tape

Have you heard of this cool new stuff? Basically it's cute prints on tape. Genius, right?! I'm obsessed. Take a look at some of these cute projects and you'll see why.


Gotta love Pinterest. I first heard about it over here on Under A Cherry Tree{see previous post also}. Since we finally got a new car battery in my car, I was able to go to Target and pick up some basic colors they had.


I think there's an orange roll too, but they were out. I was excited to use them, so I hurried and whipped up this card:



I used my Silhouette SD and the LD Quirky Flowers cut-set. The "hello" I just wrote with a fine-tip black sharpie.

25% Off @Silhouette Store!

This was in my email today:


Just wanted to share! I really want to get the tote....we'll see if I can convice the hubby :)


Am I really posting? Why yes, yes I am. I only had a baby....no big deal :) So really my heart and hands have been elsewhere. However, during nap time yesterday, I dusted off my Silhouette machine (poor thing hasn't seen the light of day for....mm...too long), and made two cards.

Let me first apologize about the quality of the photos. They're not awesome because my Canon is broken, so I used my iphone camera. Super cool right?

Both projects were simple. The first was just a thank you card for our awesome neighbors who've helped us out a ton since moving in.
Font = Sybil Green, you can download {HERE}

The other card is my favorite. Isn't it cute? I totally copied the idea from Jin over at UnderACherryTree. She always has some amazing ideas going on. And now I've got to go get me some of that washi tape!
Font = DB Trees, you can buy {HERE}