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Gitter Toes!

You already know about my obsession with fingernails,


but I also love painting my toes!
Who cares if it's still boot weather?
I still like to feel cute when those socks come off at the end of the day!

One style in particular that I LOVE is called glitter toes.
Freaking cute.
And sparkly!
Last summer I wanted to be able to do it myself and not pay the $25-$35 each time to have them done,
so I went and got the stuff myself.

- glitter {Michaels, Recollections brand pack of 30, originally $30 but I used a coupon and got it for $17}


- UV lamp {Sally's, $20, mine is the small one-there is a big one for $60}
- IBD Intense Seal {Sally's, $17, yea this stuff is expensive-but it's what cures under the UV lamp and makes your nails stay chip-free for longer!}

Before I began the process I watched a lot of youtube videos.
Here are two of the better videos that I found and followed.
The first one has a lot of talking in the beginning, so jump to 2:25 to watch the process.

Now here's my process:

After cleaning my nails I
1. paint my toes the same color as my chosen glitter
2. pour glitter over wet nail polish {you've got to be fast or the glitter won't stick!}


As you can see I chose pinks for upcoming Valentine's Day.


Then I
3. lightly tap glitter to stay in place and wipe excess off


4. I put a coat of Intense Seal over the top
5. let it cure under the UV lamp for 2-3 minutes

{see how small mine is? i'm gonna get the big one someday....}
And then:


You've got some fashionable feet to show off.
The best part is that it usually lasts up to 5 weeks and doesn't chip.
I changed mine almost monthly last year because I love all the fun colors!

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