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Probably a "make it or break it" feature to any blog is the background.
Just think of the blogs {or any site for that matter} you love to read.
Do they have crazy backgrounds or a wild print?
Probably not.
I enjoy reading ones that are simple,
and clear.
I made my background white.
It's not fun to read yellow text on a white{or any color, really} background or vise versa.
Get it?
People steer clear of those because it's a strain on the eyes.
Another reason I chose a simple white background:
I love to accessorize.
So that kind of balances out the plain background.

enough talk.
Let's get to it.
How do I upload one?
and better yet
How do I create and upload my own?

Uploading a background is super easy.
The website you pick it from should give you clear instructions,
but if not,
here are mine:
1. Select a background.

2. Copy the HTML code given {usually found under the background selected}.

3. Log into blogger and click on the "design" tab,
and then make sure you are on the "page elements" screen.

4. From here, select "Add a Gadget".
Note: I don't add this to my sidebar, for clarity's sake.
I add my background to the very bottom "Add a Gadget" option.

5. Select  "HTML/JavaScript"

6. Paste the background code {from step 2} into the blank box that has appeared.

7. Save and admire blog.
Or if you're like me,
you'll do this 20 different times before you settle on "the one".


Now, if you do happen to have Photoshop {or Gimp},
you have the fun option of creating your very OWN background!
That's what I did for this blog,
and I followed Amanda's instructions over HERE.
I think she does an amazing job at explaining everything,
and she knows a heck of a lot more about Photoshop than me!
I will add this though:
After you have created and saved your cute,
personalized background:

1. Go to Tinypic and upload it, not Photobucket.

2. Log into blogger and select "Design", then ""Edit HTML".

3. Make sure the "Expand Widget Template" box is checked.

4. Hit "ctrl f".
A box will pop up at the top of your screen that let's you search for stuff.
This makes things go 10x faster.

5. Search for:   body {
6. Right above/before that code paste this new code:
 background: url(http://i53.tinypic.com/yourimagediscription.jpg) no-repeat center fixed #FFFFFF;

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