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The Pen

Last Friday was my day off and because I was feeling daring...
and because Hubby "okayed" it...
{haha, yes i DO ask to spend money because i feel bad when i don't!}

....I went and picked up one of these guys from Porters {local craft store}.


Really happy I did because I'm not good at waiting for things to come by snail mail!

Right when I got home I hooked that baby up and went to town.


Ooo look!
It's SKETCHING for me!


I was so excited with this new tool that I sketched some more...


Images/Fonts thanks to Lettering Delights:

DB Funky Owls
DB Mutant Traits Doodles
DB Fruit Bowl
DB Forest Friends

But that's not all you guys.
Just wait.
I then took a sketch of my OWN {drawn on my tablet},
traced it in the Silhouette Studio,
and this is what I got:


Can you tell that is the hubby and I in our different job uniforms?
{phlebotomist, sales associate}
But this is so cool huh?!
I don't like the extra line border there - if you know what I mean,
but I thought that was pretty neat to have it "draw" something I had drawn...

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