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LD: New Cuttable Files! Plus a FREEBIE!

Lettering Delights has done it again!
{impressed me beyond belief}

They have just released all their new cutting files....
in 6 different formats!
{say whaa??}
What's the big deal?
You can use these files with your 3rd party software and cut, cut, cut away!

you are getting over 780 shapes for only $49 bucks!
{originally this bundle is $150...think of those savings people!}

Check it:

Here are a few of my favorites:
{they're all just so cute it's hard to narrow it down!!}


Still a little confused about the cutting files?

Take a look at this,
maybes it will help:

And if you have more question see that link up there:

Okay people,
hold on to your seats because that NOT ALL Lettering Delights is spoiling us with!

They also gave us a Friday FREEBIE:

Pizza to celebrate this AMAZING DEAL!!!

Hurry hurry hurry because this offer doesn't last forever!

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