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A Vinyl Project

What in the world?
It's Friday already!

So I have been doing TONS of fun projects while the Mr. has been out of town,
and I would like to share one of my favorites with you!

It all starts here with Lettering Delights Twitter Park SVG set.


Isn't this a darling set or what?

My favorites though,
are the two little love birds.
{or that's what i turned them into...}

To begin this project,
I grabbed an old frame and some spray paint.


{Sorry there's no picture of the frame before, I just got excited and plowed ahead!}
I spray painted the glass in the frame white.
{spray paint from Walmart, 0.97}
Then I jumped on my computer.


I used MTC and cut out those two birds on black vinyl I bought from Walmart {$9.99}.
I then did the same with the phrase I wanted.


Make sure to apply letters to the actual glass,
not the side you spray painted.
This way the white shows right through,
but if you get bored with your saying/pic you can easily take it off without wrecking the paint.

Moving on.
I eyeballed where I wanted the birds and stuck 'em on.
Then I put up masking tape as my guide for the words,
because I DEFINITELY didn't want any crooked lettering!
Worked like a charm.

Another tip:
As you can see in the above pic,
I placed my vinyl directly under my project so I could get a better feel for the word spacing.
It helped tons!

And here's the finished product!


Fonts are: Century Gothic and Pea Hannah Rocky Road


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