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SVG files

Scalable Vector Graphics.

Ever heard of them?
Me niether.
Until my Aunt Jill {she's kind of a big deal. more on her later} introduced me to them.
From what I understand,
they are the new and best files to cut with.
Somehow your cutter can read them better than other files, like JPEG and PNG.
I read about them HERE and it made more sense.
This is where MTC helps out,
because it can read SVG files whereas others can't.

Of course I wanted to see this for myself,
so I did some test cuts:


This is what happens when you don't know what your doing.
I had the wrong cap on,
forgot to change my settings to "light printer paper",
and ended up with too much pressure.


Here's an SVG I downloaded from Lettering Delights.
I cut it with MTC and look how clean it came out!


And another example.
But this one is a graphic, not an SVG.
So in order to open it with MTC,
I just have to go to "File", "Import", and then click "pixel trace".
Not too bad.

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