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Sure Cuts A Lot2 and the Cricut

So I know I don't have a Cricut,
but I used to.
I actually had one for 2 years when Kevin and I were first married,
and then decided to buy the SCAL2 software.
This software is another 3rd party software that works with the Cricut machines {MTC does not}.

me being a doe-doe brain didn't look at which Cricut version worked with the software.
Turns out I had the oldest of old Cricuts {the Cricut Personal Cutter},
and it was version 1.0.
So my mom bought it from me
{she's awesome like that...plus my sisters wanted a Cricut too},
and I bought a Silhouette.

Turns out all I needed to do in order to use my Cricut with SCAL2 was:
update my firmware.
As soon as I heard this glorious bit of news I called my mom and told her.
{she was pretty excited}

Would you like to know how we did it?
Because before I learned,
I was scared it would be a long and painful process.
Not true.

First we went to the trusty YouTube and searched:
"how to upgrade cricut firmware".
The first hit was right on the money.

We simply followed the step-by-step instructions and had ourselves cutting away within the hour.

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