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Milk Cartons

I'm always in need of a fun, fast, and {of course} cute way to deliver gifts.
When I heard about these "milk carton" folding boxes from Lettering Delights,
I had to try them out!



One of the funnest things for me to do during these "project hours" is pick out which paper for which project.
I think I could stare at them {yes, paper} all day.
I love how smooth some are,
I love the texture of others,
and I absolutely love the wide variety of patterns and hues they come in!
But that's beside the point.

I picked out bright colors in honor of summer starting.
And for it being sunny outside today {compared to yesterday when it rained like it was monsoon season}.


And then I added a little "extra".


The top three are going to the ladies I visit teach and my companion,
thus the letters.
Don't you love the white box that comes with a little window?
That way you could tape plastic wrap on the inside,
fill it with goodies,
and give it to someone special.
If you'd like to see an even better "milk man" than that one on the right there,
click HERE.

Below are the sets of what I added to the little boxes.
Just click the picture for more detail.

I love these!
I'm already concocting more ideas to make these into presents for the kids in our primary class...

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