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Silhouette and MTC

I'd better start somewhere,
so here I go!
If you've been reading on here or on my personal blog,
you've seen that I have purchased a SilhouetteSD machine.
{which I am stinkin' excited about}

As soon as it arrived I took it straight to my "craft room" to unload,
set up,
and install it.
That was the easy part.
Figuring out which buttons did what in the Silhouette Studio {the software that came with the machine},
took me a little longer.

And I was perfectly content using that software until my Aunt Jill introduced me to a third party software called:
I have to admit,
I was confused at first and just thought:
"Wait, why would I need or use this software?"
"What's the point?"
Oh I was niave.
{haha, okay I still am!}
after reading about MTC here and here and here my skepticism quickly faded.
Why did I not know about this sooner?!
Like, say, when I owned a Cricut!

So being converted to MTC,
I installed the software.
And then became stumped as to how in the heck I hook up my Silhouette to MTC?
One call to Jill solved that problem.
My aunt knows this amazing gal that is basically a whiz when it comes to cutting machines.
Her name is Jin Yong and let me tell you,
she's my lifesaver!

I would give a tutorial right about now on how I hooked up my machine to my computer so that it will run with MTC....
BUT I think Jin does a fantastic job at it,
so I'm going to let her show you!
{it helped me LOADS and I didn't even have sound hooked to my new computer yet!}

And don't forget to install the Graphtec CC330L driver to your computer!
Go here to download it.
{it's free99}

For more tips on this software and printer installation,
 check out THIS post Jin did.
{can you tell she's my "go-to" for all things Silhouette?}


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