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Fabric Flowers

It's been a long time coming,
but I haven't forgotten.
I am in love with these easy do-it-yourself creations.
They're the perfect boredom busters
I just pop in a vid and can twist fabric for hours!

So there are a few different flowers I can make,
but keep in mind there are MANY more types than the ones I show you.
All I did was search youtube videos until I found some good examples that I liked.
My favorite examples though,
I found on Rhohnna Farrers blog:

 It's a looonnnnng video, but skip to about 15min in and she'll start explaining the flowers. And if you don't want to watch the whole thing, I will try to do my best to summarize what I know. To start off you will need....... 1. fabric (I get mine at Walmart because it's the cheapest) 2. fabric scissors 3. A glue gun (it's my best friend) 4. felt (these will be used as "backers" so preferably colors that match your fabric) 5. any accessories/bling (aka buttons, beads, tulle, glitter, feathers...you get the idea) 6. headbands (again, found at Walmart. i use the thin ones) 7. alligator clips (i get mine from Sally's) Once you've gathered all your essentials you can start creating!
{Because Kevin doesn't believe in taking pictures of me for the blog, you get these lovely pictures I had to take myself.}
Or the overly large beautiful put-it-anywhere flower.
Click HERE for a different version. It's Rhonna's example(and a little easier).
FABRIC = any synthetic material, like silk or polyester
  • These flowers only work with special material because they melt, whereas cotton just burns.
  • Take one loonnng strip of fabric like 3-4'x2"
  • Then cut 1" slits into the fabric starting them close together and then widening them as I get closer to the other end. These turn into your petals.
  • Now the fun part. Over an open flame, hold each square petal until it starts melting. It will curl and transform into a rounded petal.
  • The tricky part: Now turn this long piece of singed fabric into a flower by curling it in on itself and gluing it into place. It's not easy.
  • To begin, cut out a circle from your felt. This is your backer
  • Cut out a piece of fabric about 18"x2", this will give you a medium sized flower
  • Just remember: the longer the length, the bigger the flower
  • Put a dab of hot glue in the center of your felt circle
  • Fold in the ends of your piece of fabric, creating a triangle tip, and place on the hot glue
  • From here just twist and glue as you go
This flower is probably my favorite looking,
but man,
you will hate your hot glue gun when you're done.
{my blisters speak as proof for this}
  • You do NOT start with a backer. That goes on at the end.
  • First, tie your piece of fabric (remember this one will end up "poofier" than the flat flower, so I use a longer piece) in a double knot. This is your starting point.
  • From here hold the flower while gluing and twisting. It's not easy, but it looks sooooo cute when you're done! This also takes a lot more practice to perfect. REMEMBER: to not tighten as much as you did with the flat flower. Just LOOSELY TWIST the fabric
  • When done twisting and gluing, glue on a backer.

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