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(family photo taken by Amanda Shipp)

I know it's super helpful and nice to be able to see who you are "talking" to or reading about. So here I am with my little fam bam. There's 4 of us here, one baby girl (#PhoenixFuller) in heaven (11/4/16-read more about my experience with her here), and our most recent addition, Ryder Stone(@ryderstonefuller), shocked us by arriving (11/10/17) a little early at 23 weeks gestation (haha okay a LOT early!). I love my Heavenly Father, Savior, spending time with my family, and creating pretty things for you.

I originally started this blog as a way to document my art + crafting skills. I didn't want to keep posting my little side projects on my family blog, because 1. That's our family journal. I print that blog into a book each year and hate having to edit out posts I don't want (call me lazy) 2. the hubs didn't care to see them, and 3. I had a strong desire to keep my family blog and this new blog totally separate for safety/privacy reasons. So, since this new blog was all about me, and what I liked to do, I wanted my name to be included in the title. Miss Audrey Sue was a nickname my dad used to call me when I was young. and because I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to all things pretty and girly and craft-sy (that's a word right?), i thought it fit nicely as a title. Oh and nope, my middle name isn't even Sue...I actually don't have a middle name (unless you count my maiden name as a middle name...which is weird and I don't)!

D E S I G N  B A C K G R O U N D
It's totally going to sound cliché, but ever since I can remember I have loved to draw and create, organize and design. Crayons, colored pencils, and paper were with me 24/7 growing up. I am that nerd girl who loves to get a notebook as a present...or a new pack of pens. Road trips with my family were never boring - and not just because I had 5 other siblings to be entertained by - but because I used that time to sketch and think.

My specific love for graphic design began during college, and then grew exponentially when I started journaling/blogging in 2007, which is when I created my very first blog post. It was right before I got married, and to keep my family updated while the hubs and I moved far away for summer sales (hands up if you can relate! hah!).  I was never satisfied with the popular designs at the time. I wanted my site to be unique. Prettier, lighter, funner....more me. So I fell in love with Photoshop. Creating visually appealing blogs was what I was all about, and that also pushed me to learn how to code/learn the technical side of things. I can't even tell you how many hours I spent reading about HTML and javascript and...yeah, talk about nerdy. So embarrasing!  Haha, okay but not so much or else I wouldn't be telling you all this!  So yes, I am self taught.

At this time I am not taking on any custom blog designs, but I AM still offering custom LOGO DESIGNS, watercolor families, watercolor homes, or party/wedding/event invitations!  You can view all my portfolios by going to the top of my site and looking under "Design Work". And you view all of my services by clicking here. Get in touch with me for any special requests here.

Besides being with my family, I am completely content to spend an evening painting, sketching, or designing printables for you! I have a lot of free prints here, and some cute wallpapers for your phone here.

R A N D O M  S T U F F
that you may find funny or can relate too, or may even surprise you
• i will only buy Tillamook Yogurt. big fan for life. i swear they have the best flavor.
• i'm an Idaho girl through and through. i love small town life and wide open spaces.
• i really, really love actually, my husband does not love that trait about me
• i spell apologize wrong almost every time (i googled it just now, to make sure i spelled it right...)
• yes, i thoroughly enjoy running, and working out/exercising in general. i think it runs in my genes or something because my dad has gone out for a run almost everyday of his life, since i can remember. so i'm always up for a run, or exercise class, or lifting sesh.
• i love walking down the laundry/detergent isle in stores. one of my most favorite smells ever.
• finally had my first Swig Sugar Cookie, and am slightly obsessed. i now understand what all the hype was about.
• i grew up hiking, camping, going to the cabin on the 4th of July, and boating for family reunions. it's safe to say that i love the outdoors, and i'm lucky to have married a man who loves all that stuff too.
• beef hotdogs are the way to go,  best only when cooked black over a fire. and may be linked with the previous bullet...
• collector of fonts.
• i ♡ Target (but really, who doesn't?), Neesee's DressesMindy Maes Market, Olive Avenue, Simply Sage Market, Jane and all those other cute boutiques out there!
• i've lived in 7 states
• the best peach i have ever had came from an orchard in Oregon, that my friend gave me when we lived in Salem. I'll have another right this second please.
• I am what some call a "hybrid homeschooler". i was homeschooled off and on throughout elementary and middle school, and then took select classes from my local public high school, and from the American School located in Lansing, Illinois. if i had the chance to redo it all, i wouldn't change a thing. i loved it, and felt i got the best of both worlds. although, i don't know how my mom kept her sanity...
• I am the oldest of 6 kids
• orange creamsicles + the smell of my babies in sunscreen, makes me super happy.
• If you were to buy me lunch, I'd take a Mango Chicken Salad from Costa Vida. stat.

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