St Patrick’s Day Trap

So I’m such a good blogger, that I’m going to show you last years trap, today. Because you know, that’s the one I got good pics with. Then if you scroll far enough, I’ll show you this years trap! haha read on friends.

IMG_6687 copy

IMG_6690 copy IMG_6692 copy





So this one was made with:
• a cardboard box we had laying around the house
• green construction paper (taped around the box)
• pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper (for the rainbow)
• large cotton balls (for the clouds)
• an empty baby food jar (for the “pot of gold”)
• mod podg, glitter, and black pipe cleaner (for the “pot of gold”)
• craft sticks (for the ladder)
• penny’s (to lure the Leprechaun in!)
UPDATE 3/17/17:
Here’s what our trap looked like this year! I let Bronx paint it, and he helped hot glue the stand on. Our leprechaun was so sneaky he got out! But not before dropping some of his gold coins!



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