Everyday Style – February

Another round of some of my outfits from February! We’ve been seeing more sunny days here in Utah and I’ve been able to sneak out with a tshirt on for errands a few days. Can’t wait until I can run out of the house without putting 5 layers on my kids!


BLOUSE-Fancy Frills Boutique (it’s nice, but i wouldn’t buy again because it has a  hole in the back that i had to end up sewing/making smaller…) || JEANS-Buckle (Flying Monkey, dark wash, low rise….LOVE these jeans!) || BOOTIES-Cozy Bear Botique (similar)


TOP-Target(but it’s sold out of this grey color i have on!) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || BOOTIES-Target (old) (similar) || EARRINGS-N&S OLM BLush medium


SHIRT-don’t remember (but it’s white and basic so…anywhere?) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || SHOES-Puma (old)(similar) || EARRINGS-N&S Signature Silver medium


SWEATER-Target (similar) || JEANS-Buckle || BOOTIES-Target (old) (similar)  || EARRINGS-N&S Gypsy Teal medium


TOP-Target(similar) || LEGGINGS-Jane (similar) || BOOTS-Gordmans (old) || EARRINGS-N&S Matte Gold medium


SWEATER-Gordmans (um, found in the GUYS clearance section! haha i loved it so i had to have it!) || JEANS-Gordmans(similar here) || BOOTS-Gordmans (old) || EARRINGS-N&S OLM BLush medium




TOP-DIY(tutorial here!) || JEANS-Target (old. my first ever skinny jeans…bahaha…you can read the post about how i got them, here!)
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2 thoughts on “Everyday Style – February

  1. Cute outfits! My favorite is definately the first one. And I love the sweater in the sixth one! Is it actually a men’s sweater or a women’s that was found in the men section? Cuz you can’t even tell is a men’s (if that’s what it is ;))!

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